Arizer Solo 2

New to Funky Bean is the Arizer Solo 2. This is a portable vaporizer with a glass mouth piece which holds the flower in the bottom section of the glass. It uses convection heating. The hot air blows through the flower product for vaporization. The screen is digital and the temperature is highly accurate and […]

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Storz & Bickel: Crafty vs. Mighty

STORZ AND BICKEL: CRAFTY VS MIGHTY Storz and Bickel easily make some the best vaporizers out there. The engineering and vapor production blow most of the competing vaporizers out of the water. We notice a lot of people prefer vaporizers for flower due to the discretion and portability.  With that said, lets compare the two […]

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Silver Surfer Maintenance

Hey all! We wanted to upload some instructions and maintenance for the ever so popular Silver Surfer Vaporizer. To warm up the vape: turn the knob all the way to the right. Once the ceramic rod is glowing and its been about 2 minutes, turn it left a quarter turn. If you are using very […]

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