Moose Labs Mouth Peace

Hey Beans! Times are risky with germs, but worry no more with the Mouth Peace by Moose Labs! This new, innovative filter is just what you need to smoke clean! The Mouth Peace is a silicone cone with a filter inside. The filters are removable for easy cleaning once they turn brown! The filters remove […]

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American Glass vs. Import Glass

Hey Beans! We¬† want to go over the differences between American and import glass. Price and quality vary drastically depending on what you are looking at. Over seas, there are not as many restrictions on glass production as there are in the US. Some of the problems that occur with import glass include the quality, […]

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Arizer Solo 2

New to Funky Bean is the Arizer Solo 2. This is a portable vaporizer with a glass mouth piece which holds the flower in the bottom section of the glass. It uses convection heating. The hot air blows through the flower product for vaporization. The screen is digital and the temperature is highly accurate and […]

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