Moose Labs Mouth Peace

Hey Beans! Times are risky with germs, but worry no more with the Mouth Peace by Moose Labs! This new, innovative filter is just what you need to smoke clean! The Mouth Peace is a silicone cone with a filter inside. The filters are removable for easy cleaning once they turn brown! The filters remove […]

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Storz & Bickel: Crafty vs. Mighty

STORZ AND BICKEL: CRAFTY VS MIGHTY Storz and Bickel easily make some the best vaporizers out there. The engineering and vapor production blow most of the competing vaporizers out of the water. We notice a lot of people prefer vaporizers for flower due to the discretion and portability.  With that said, lets compare the two […]

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Aurora Tobacco Age Now 21

The Tobacco 21 program has now introduced itself to Aurora,IL and is in effect as of April 10th of 2018.  A lot of cities in Illinois have started approving the law and doing this themselves. Sooner or later, we think the whole state will require purchasers to be 21 for tobacco products. Those who are […]

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