A Healthier Option

Vaporizers are perfect for consuming herb without having any detrimental damage to the lungs.  The effects are mild, but last a lot longer in comparison to smoking. We carry a variety of different models and brands.  Please note that prices vary with brand and quality.

For our customers that prefer nicotine, we have a wide selection of disposable vaporizers.

Some of the fine Brands and Products we carry
  • Atomic 9

  • GPEN Connect

  • Puffco Peak Pro

  • Puffco Peak

  • Lookah Seahorse Pro

  • Posh Plus XL

  • Mr Fog Max Pro

  • Hyde Rebel Rechargeable

  • PuffCo Plus

  • Dr Dabber Switch

  • G Pen Micro+

  • Arizer Argo

  • Pulsar Rok

  • Boundless Technology

  • Honey Stick Bee Master Twin

  • Focus V Carta

  • Dr Dabber Boost Evo

  • Storz and Bickel Volcano Hybrid

  • Yocan Armor

  • Pulsar GiGi

  • Yocan Regen

  • Arizer Solo 2

  • Da Buddha

  • Silver Surfer

  • Yocan Evolve Plus

  • Pax 2 & Pax 3

  • DaVinci IQ

  • Pax 3 Complete Kit

  • Arizer Extreme Q

  • APX Wax & APX Volt

  • Ooze Batteries