To keep any product fresh or secure, we have an exceptional amount of different storage containers to choose from. For those who need to store a concentrate or waxy material, we have medical grade silicone containers available in multiple sizes. Our dry storage containers include air tight Tight Vac brand in all sizes, glass vials, 420 Science write and erase glass jars, and C Vaults. All of our C Vault containers are stainless steel with 3 locking clamps and humidor packages are included. For pipe and water pipe storage, we have hard and soft cases available depending on what is the best fit for the pipe. We will meet all of your desired storage needs!

Some of the fine Brands and Products we carry
  • Doob Tubes

  • Divider Pro

  • Vaultz

  • RYOT Cases

  • Medtainer

  • CVault & 420 Science

  • Tight Vac