Pipes & Water Pipes

Pipes & Water Pipes in Several Styles

We carry a large assortment of pipes ranging from wood, metal, acrylic, ceramic, or glass that vary in size to meet all our customers’ needs. Almost all of our glass pipes are hand blown by local artists or other glassblowers around the country. Some water pipes we order include brands such as Zob, ZONG!, Empire Glassworks, Grav Labs, Biohazard, HVY, BOOM Felazi, Pulsar, Hydros, and Envy Glass Designs. For customers that are looking for something more inexpensive, we carry Graffix and Headway Acrylic Pipes and a small section of production glass that is extremely affordable.

Some of the fine Brands and Products we carry
  • Elev8 Glass

  • Kayd Mayd

  • Zob

  • HVY

  • EYCE

  • Popeye Glass

  • TKO Glassworks

  • 7 Pipe

  • Elijah Rotramel

  • Kundalini Glass

  • Handy Andy

  • Jem Glass

  • Headway Acrylics

  • BIG PIPE Metal Pipes

  • Eyce Sidecar

  • Hydros Waterpipes

  • TKO Glassworks

  • Cult Sculpture