Funky Bean has a wide range of accessories and tools to make smoking or vaping easier and more enjoyable. If a glass water piece breaks, depending on the circumstance, we can supply our customers with replacements downstems, sliders, or other pieces to get the pipe back in working order. For metal pipes, we carry replacement chambers, bowls, lids, elbows, and screens to extend the life of the pipe itself. We also carry different lighters and torches, lighter cases, butane refills, hempwick, and lighter tools to keep our customers tobacco tools together and easily accessable. We have replacement specialty pieces for Incredibowls, some replaceable pieces for table top vaporizers and also pieces for portable vaporizers. For our customers that like to roll their own cigarettes, we have rolling trays, rollers, and an extensive variety of papers and tips. If rolling is too difficult or inconvenient, we have prerolled cones available with tips included. To keep your environment fresh, we carry Wildberry Incense, Smoke Odor Eliminator candles and sprays, and car fresheners. Lastly, we have a small section of tye dye shirts, hats, and tapestries to decorate with. Stop on by to see our full collection of tobacco accessories!

Some of the fine Brands and Products we carry
  • SLX Grinder

  • Mystic Grinder

  • Santa Cruz Shredder

  • Sharpstone Grinder

  • Diamond Grind

  • Smoke Odor Spray

  • Ashtrays

  • Smoke Odor Candles

  • Raw Papers & Accessories

  • Glass Accessories

  • Wildberry Incense

  • Pipe Cleaning Supplies

  • Rez Block

  • Hempwick Supplies

  • Shine 24K Gold Papers

  • Concentrate Nails & Dabbers

  • Sunshine Joy Tapestries

  • RYOT Hitter Boxes