About Us

Funky Bean Smoke Shop first opened on November 17, 2011. The idea first sprouted when Miss Bean was in college working at The Smoke Shack in Champaign, IL. Her father, (Pops as we’ll call him) came down to visit her at school one year and loved everything The Smoke Shack had to offer. He quickly realized that there was not a single store that compared in the northwest suburbs of Illinois. Once Bean graduated, she moved back up north and Pops had an idea to open a smoke shop of their own. After a very helpful discussion with her former boss at The Smoke Shack, they were on their way to making the plans for Funky Bean. The first and hardest part of building the store was deciding on what to name it. Since her parents started calling their daughter Bean since she was born, they decided that “Funky Bean” would best suit the store’s environment. The choice to add “Smoke Shop” to the store name came after a visit to California where almost all of their unique pipe stores were referred to as “Smoke Shops”. Bean and Pops wanted the store to be relaxing, friendly, and colorful similar to the atmosphere that California provided.

After the store location was chosen, Bean and Pops decided that they needed to stock it with anything and everything that a consumer may need. Not only did they want to cover all smoking and tobacco related items, they wanted to provide a variety of brands, qualities, sizes and colors to match each individual customer. They also decided to enforce a “no haggling” price policy to ensure that every customer received the best deal without the need to bargain or debate about the price of an item. Funky Bean wants all of their customers to see the prices as is and to always get the best deal. Once the store was open for a couple months, it became apparent that Aurora and the surrounding areas had plenty of glass blowers! With this new found knowledge, Bean and Pops wanted to carry mostly local and American made glass to support the glass blowing community. Not only are the blowers local artists, but they provide higher quality glass pipes with a unique style for each piece.

Stop on by if you haven’t already! To Funky Bean’s future customers, we look forward to helping you find just the right item for you. To our returning customers, we cannot wait to see you again and to chat about what is new! Everything is constantly changing and Funky Bean tries to stay new and current on products. We will always be as friendly and helpful as possible and if we do not have what you are looking for, we will gladly help you find it and order it for you!