Moose Labs Mouth Peace

Hey Beans!

Times are risky with germs, but worry no more with the Mouth Peace by Moose Labs! This new, innovative filter is just what you need to smoke clean!

The Mouth Peace is a silicone cone with a filter inside. The filters are removable for easy cleaning once they turn brown! The filters remove tar, toxins, and bacteria as you smoke. If you don’t want to vape, this is the next best thing for consuming herb or concentrates. Each one comes with a lanyard to keep your filter close by!

We have two sizes of the Mouth Peace available. The image to the left is the original size. This can be used for rigs, bongs, blunts and carts. The smaller version can be used with blunts, joints, carts, chillums/hitters and dab pens. Moose Labs covered it all!


Come check these out in the store any day of the week! You won’t be able to live without one once you have it! We’re open Mon-Fri from 11-7 and Sat-Sun 11-6. See you soon!