COVID 19 UPDATE 11/16/20

Recently, COVID numbers have tripled. We are taking every precaution to stay sterilized, but we must ask of you to take every precaution yourself as well. We are all human. We need to take care of each other. Prior to entering the store, masks must be covering your face and nose. COVID is airborne. This is the best way to keep our staff and yourselves safe. Please use the hand sanitizer when entering and exiting. This will help minimize germs.  If you are feeling ill, please do not come to the store. Wait until you are better, or send a friend instead. Please respect your health along with others.

As state restrictions change, our operations or hours may change along with it. We will post updates during this journey. With that being said, the hours have changed. We are now open Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM and Saturday 11AM-6PM. Please be safe everyone!