American Glass vs. Import Glass

Hey Beans!

We  want to go over the differences between American and import glass. Price and quality vary drastically depending on what you are looking at.

Over seas, there are not as many restrictions on glass production as there are in the US. Some of the problems that occur with import glass include the quality, durability, coloring, and uniqueness. Import glass can contain lead, which is definitely not safe to smoke. There is a lower standard for the quality of glass which makes it easily broken by heat or a short drop. Be careful when buying import colored pipes or fumed glass as some of the colors may be painted on instead of blown in. We recommend cleaning import pieces to remove any painted colors or effects before using.  A lot of times we see mass production pipes and they all look the same. Why be like all the others? Import glass is definitely at a significantly lower price, which is attractive, but you get what you pay for!

American made glass arrives from glass blowers all across the country. It’s hard being an artist, so why not support them on their journey? You’ll see a wide variety of colors and styles instead of constant repetition. This type of glass is more durable, and safe to smoke out of. The colors are blown in so they will  not come off during cleaning. The fume work is real silver and gold. It is not only on the surface and provides a beautiful color changing effect. Remember, making a pipe takes time! The more complicated the design, the higher the price. Price will also go up depending on thickness. The more glass used, the higher the price.

Although we carry both import and American made glass, you won’t be mislead! We happily inform our customers which glass is imported and which glass is American made. Get the honesty you need during a pipe purchase instead of a pushy sale. Don’t hesitate to ask us any further questions while in our store.

Much Love! Stay Funky!