COVID19: Changes to Funky Bean**


People are now allowed in store as long as a mask is worn at all times over mouth and nose. Please use hand sanitizer when you come into the store. We will provide a free mask if you need one! We take this seriously. Please be respectful to staff and other customers. It is now a misdemeanor charge for businesses that do not require masks. Customers refusing to wear one will not be allowed in store.

Hey all-

Scary times out there! We hope everyone is doing their best and staying safe inside. We have been deemed “Nonessential” and will be closed until the end of April. It could be longer but that depends on what the City of Aurora decides. What timing though! We have the one chance to celebrate 4/20 for a whole month and now we cannot! Anyway, that is minimal compared to what else is going on. Remember to keep your pipes and bongs clean!

We miss our customers- but your health is more important right now!

Much Love

Stay Funky