What is going to happen Jan. 1st?

We get a lot of questions regarding the new Illinois Recreational law. Mostly they are about whether or not we will be a dispensary. Since it is not federally legal (yet), we will not be able to sell Cannabis. There are strict guidelines and specific licensing to open a dispensary. On January 1st, all of the current dispensaries will be open to the public (except those in towns that did not pass recreational sales). With minimal dispensaries open currently, the volumes of people trying to purchase Cannabis may be overwhelming. Once the new licenses disperse, more recreational dispensaries will open. This might not happen until mid year of 2020.

Some people ask if it is worth it to get a Medical Marijuana card with legalization happening. In our opinion, it is. The taxes will be less, each household will be able to grow their own plants, and the list of qualifying medical conditions is forever expanding. We hope that medical patients get priority in ordering once recreational sales begin.

If you want to know more about obtaining a medical marijuana card, please feel free to visit us in store, or you can go to your nearest dispensary for assistance.