Storz & Bickel: Crafty vs. Mighty


Storz and Bickel easily make some the best vaporizers out there. The engineering and vapor production blow most of the competing vaporizers out of the water. We notice a lot of people prefer vaporizers for flower due to the discretion and portability.  With that said, lets compare the two portable models by Storz and Bickel; Craft and Mighty.

First, and most obvious, the Mighty is much larger than the Crafty. It is still portable, but not really something one would keep in their pocket comfortably. The Mighty is larger because it uses two lithium ion batteries and has a digital temperate screen, where the Crafty only has one lithium ion battery and uses Bluetooth technology to set the vaporization temperature. This isn’t that significant, but it does give the Mighty the advantage of heating up faster and having a longer battery life.

If the battery does die, they both come with charging cords. The Mighty has a wall plug in cord, where the Crafty can be plugged into a USB port. The Crafty charging is definitely more universal. Both units, once charged to about 20%, can be used while still charging.

Both the Crafty and the Mighty share the same temperature range for vaporization, an auto shut off after 2 minutes (to not waste battery life) and a 2 year warranty. Both vaporizers have the same oven size as well. When packing the oven there is no special way to do it with either vaporizer. It can be full or not, and packed loose or not. Both are quite impressive!

We hopes this helps guide you to a vaporizer choice! Both are quality, but have some slight differences. Happy Medicating!