Plants and Spices with Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are becoming all the rage with their multitude of healing properties. We make cannabinoids naturally ourselves, they are found in cannabis, and they are in some plants and spices.

The specific cannabinoid found in plants is (E)-BCP. This stands for (E)-Beta-Caryophyllene. (E)-BCP activates CB2 receptors in the body, assists with protecting the body from inflammation and oxidative stress, protects against microbes, helps with pain management, and helps fight cancer cells.

Some of the plants and herbs that contain (E)-BCP include (but are not limited to) Black Ashanti peppers, White Ashanti peppers, Indian Bay Leaf, Alligator Pepper, Basil,  Cinnamon, Rosemary, Caraway, Black Pepper, Mexican Oregano, and Clove. The following information is specific to each plant or herb.

Indian Bay Leaf: Antioxidant, antidiabetic

Grains of Paradise: wound healing/cell membrane support, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, antimicrobial, assists in sexual interest and function

Black Pepper: antibacterial, protects against colon cancer, antioxidant

African Basil: antimicrobial, helps with high blood pressure, antiviral (against herpes virus, adenoviruses, Hepatitis B, RNA viruses), antibacterial for ear infections, anti-inflammatory

Sri Lanka Cinnamon: improves fat and sugar metabolism, helps with high blood pressure, antibiotic, cures mites in animals

Rosemary: antimicrobial, helps with digestion issues, promotes circulation, diabetic aid, helps protect against cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases

Basil: protects gastrointestinal abilities, antibacterial against E. Coli and Staph

Mexican Oregano: helps with herpes viruses

Clove (essential oil): antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antimicrobial, cancer protection in skin and lungs, antidiabetic, insect repellent, aphrodisiac

Clove (cream): can treat chronic anal fissures


Overall, there are multiple plants and spices that contain cannabinoids. These gifts of nature all aid in healing! The information we outlined came from The Cannabis Health Index by Uwe Blesching, PhD. If you are interested in reading more, we highly suggest this book! It is full of so much useful information for maintaining a healthy body naturally.