Silver Surfer Maintenance

Hey all! We wanted to upload some instructions and maintenance for the ever so popular Silver Surfer Vaporizer.

To warm up the vape: turn the knob all the way to the right. Once the ceramic rod is glowing and its been about 2 minutes, turn it left a quarter turn. If you are using very dry material, we recommend the halfway mark or less to avoid combustion. Typically you want to start at a low temperature, and then increase from there if you are not receiving any vapor.

Grind up your material so it is fluffy. Don’t pack the wand, only fill it. Air flow is needed for optimal vaping.

Always inhale from your hose slowly to draw the heat through the leaf. Stir occasionally with the poker stick to maximize efficiency. Be careful- this vaporizer can pack a punch!

If you are having a hard time inhaling through the hose, the screen may need to be changed. There is a 10 pack of replacement screens in the carrying case. Pop out the screen with the poker and then use the poker to push the new one back into the wand. Eventually the wand may get a little oily. You can rinse it with hot water or do some light scrubbing to clean that residue off.

If you run out of screens, don’t panic! We have them in the store for purchase.

***You do not need to clean the heating element cover*** This piece shouldn’t get dirty what so ever while using the Silver Surfer. It is removable; however, removing this piece puts you at risk for breaking the ceramic heating rod. If the rod breaks, its going to be a sad day for everyone.

We hope this short guide helps! Don’t hesitate to call in if you have further questions.