Battery/Pen Maintenance

Pens/Batteries are allĀ  the rage! We get it, it’s easy and discreet. We have a lot of customers asking about how to take care of their batteries and increase longevity. Follow these guidelines, and your pen will have a long lifetime.

-Always make sure the connection between your battery and tank is clean. Sometimes residue builds up in that area. Use an alcohol pad or Q-Tip to keep that area as clean as possible. This applies to your charger as well.

-Always plug your charger into the wall first. Never attach the charger to the battery prior to the charger being attached to the electrical outlet. When you want to charge your pen/battery, slowly screw it on to your charger. Stop once the light on the charger turns red. If you over tighten, the charger or battery can break.

-Make sure to take the battery off the charger once the charging light turns green. If you leave the battery on the charger too long, it can drain the battery life.


-Do not over tighten your tank on your battery. When attaching your tank to your battery, stop once you feel a slight resistance. It is unnecessary to close the gap between the cartridge and the battery. If your cartridge doesn’t work on your battery, try to loosen it, not tighten it. These things are delicate!

We hope these guidelines help you! Happy vaping!