Aurora Tobacco Age Now 21

The Tobacco 21 program has now introduced itself to Aurora,IL and is in effect as of April 10th of 2018.  A lot of cities in Illinois have started approving the law and doing this themselves. Sooner or later, we think the whole state will require purchasers to be 21 for tobacco products. Those who are already 18 or older will unfortunately not be “grandfathered in” allowing them to purchase tobacco products even if they already have. Mostly, I think that authority is concerned about high school smoking and vaping. Not only do they not know what is in the vape, they also have seen so much increase in vape usage by teenagers. Vaping is safer than smoking, but there is still research going on that is trying to determined exactly how “healthy” vaping really is. It is still a very new concept.

We will keep our store rule that you must be 18 to enter, however you will need to be 21 to purchase glass pipes, vaporizers, papers, grinders, and anything else tobacco related. If you are a Medical Cannabis card holder, you may enter at any age to buy anything, but must provide proof promptly.