SLX Grinders

img_2282Let me introduce to you the SLX Grinder. This grinder is new to our store and the only one of its kind. The inventor, Sean Raphael, decided that he needed to make a smooth, easy to use, non-stick grinder and thus the SLX idea went into action. There were years of testing and prototypes before a true, quality, nonstick grinder was produced. The aluminum is coated in metallic ceramic that gives the grinder its non stick surface along with ridding the task of ever needing to clean it. Please keep in mind that extremely moist product may get somewhat sticky, but can easily be removed with a toothpick. There is only one thread track and the screen/storage section is a simple lift out layer. The lid is a durable magnetic piece and the teeth are their own pinched square shape. This grinder is even FDA approved! After trying the SLX Grinder ourselves, we quickly realized that this thing turns like butter. It barely even required an effort to twist and the grind was nice and even. The lid even has some flat spaces for your hands to get a solid grip. One thing that the website recommends is to never use a metal scraper on the grinder. This may damage the ceramic coating. The grinder does come with a plastic scraper and we have replacement scrapers in store that will not damage the grinder. To learn more and watch their YouTube video, please visit their website below: